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+ Post your characters
+ Go forth and tag around
+ Use a RNG or just pick a number for your scene.
+ Shmoop it up


1. Firsts. First kiss? First date? First time? First SOMETHING. How is it? Awkward? Romantic? Does it just plain suck? Or do you want to go back for another, smashing a mug to the ground in the process?

2. OH NO the heat's gone out! Also it's snowing. What do you do? Call the landlord? Fix it yourself? Or wait and see if it kicks back on? Either way, better bundle up.

3. An Addition! Suddenly, there's a new addition to your family! Are you expecting? Adopting? Struggling to find the perfect name for your child? Or maybe you're up at a ridiculous hour in the morning because they're crying like crazy. ... Or you just got a puppy/varren/parrot/whatever.

4. You wake up in the middle of the night, because your Significant Other is hogging the blankets. How do you resolve this annoying situation? Or are you the one hogging the blankets?

5. Oh No! You're having an argument! But it's an argument about the most trivial thing ever. Did he forget to put the seat down? Did she eat the last of the ice cream? Are you tired of them saying a certain word? Trivial argument time is now!

6. Spending Time Together. In a non-sexual way. What do you two do on a date? Do you just hang out on the couch? Are you going out for dinner? Sparring? What is it you do when you're together and not rocking the house down?

7. Spooning. Oh you knew it was coming. For some reason or other, you're in a cuddly mood. Grab your partner and get close to make the important decision. Who's the big spoon?

8. Anniversaries! Of what? First kiss? First date? That time you totally killed that guy? Whatever you like! ... But. Did your partner remember it? Did you? Or are you both just celebrating like bunnies?

9. Departure. Your significant other is leaving. Maybe it's for a long time, like forever, or maybe it's just for a few days. Either way, they're going to be out of contact for a while. Better go and make the most of the time you've got before they're gone.

10. Reunion. And then your significant other came back. Were they gone longer than expected? Did you think they were never coming back? BUT HERE THEY ARE. Alive and well! Or... alive and mostly well. Whatever, they're back and you're together again.



1. HUGS. Dude even bros need a hug. Maybe a manly back-smack fist-bump testosterone show of affection or maybe fuck social conventions, your bro needs a hug and you're going to crush their ribcage. Go give your friend a hug right now.

2. Hanging out. Grab some pizza, catch a movie? Concert? Whatever you want to do, you're just going to spend some time together. Maybe talk? Drink? Make something up, but whatever it is, you have to do it together.

3. Help me out, man. One of you is in a bad situation. The other one has to go help you out. Maybe it's something as trivial as you have your hand stuck in a jar, or maybe it's as serious as a kidnapping. Point is, you gotta go bail your bro out.

4. ADVENTURE! Road trip? Disneyland? Grab your bro and go for it. The nature of your adventure is up to you. But you're in this together, whatever you choose.

5. Departure. Your bro is leaving. Maybe it's for a long time, like forever, or maybe it's just for a few days. Either way, they're going to be out of contact for a while. Better go and make the most of the time you've got before they're gone.

6. Reunion. And then your bro came back. Were they gone longer than expected? Did you think they were never coming back? BUT HERE THEY ARE. Alive and well! Or... alive and mostly well. Whatever, they're back and you're together again.

7. Cheer up! One or both of you is feeling down and it's time to get out of that slump by either finding a way to distract yourself or talking it out with the other person.

8. I only tell you this because I care. Advice, possibly unsolicited. Your friend has been doing something you don’t like and you’re going to let them know. Yes, that dress does make you look fat.

9. Thinking of you. So I saw this hat on my way through the mall and thought of you! I found this cool/funny video and thought I’d pass it on! I felt like baking cookies and thought you might appreciate some.

10. GOT YOUR BACK, BRO. Oh shit. Someone is picking on, or beating on your friend. That is not going to fly. Jump in and help out, or drag them to safety. Either way, your friend needs help there -- OR after they've gotten into it with someone, it's up to you to pick up the pieces. Or maybe you were the one starting shit.

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bromance 2!

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[The area around is teeming with weekend window shoppers. Groups of girls giggling together as they point to cute dresses displayed in windows, groups of boys playfully pushing each other into the fast-food joint on the corner to grab lunch, a father carrying his toddler on his shoulders while the mother pushed an empty stroller beside them, and couples with their arms linked paying more attention to each other than the stores around them. The sky is clear above their heads; the sun shines brightly, but it's not too hot as a crisp breeze blows through their hair.

Reina stands in the middle of the sidewalk as the stream of people parts around her to pass, arms folded across her chest and one foot tapping irritably on the brick below. In one of her hands is a paper bag of toys, stationary, and clothes they acquired for the younger kids, and the box of cake they picked up earlier sits innocently on top of their purchases. They were done. They got everything they planned to get (she made sure), and they were supposed to go to the subway station and get on the train that'll take them home.

They were supposed to, until the candy-apple-haired idiot turned to her with a smile, said, "Wait for me," and scampered off to god knows where. Something about forgetting to get something? She has no idea. Somehow, she'd lost track of his bright red hair despite how much it stood out, and she hasn't caught sight of him yet. She should really move off to the side instead of blocking everyone's way like this but she isn't bothering just yet.]

... Where is he, [she grumbles, and in her mind she considers just leaving him but that thought is dismissed immediately. Darn it.]
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[It was only supposed to take a second. Hiroto had been shopping with her for what seemed like hours, and while they did technically have everything they needed...well, they didn't have everything they wanted. So he was going to go fix just that. With everything, Reina would have to wait for him--there's no way she could carry that all on her own (He has no doubts she could, but he wouldn't want her to put that strenuous effort in on his account).

A second was all it was supposed to take.

However, getting slightly lost in the store, hailing down a manager to grab the item from the mannequin, a long line, the barcode not ringing up right as the cashier had to hurriedly apologize while another one was found, a crying child behind him (that he desperately tried to help the mother console while the barcode was searched for), and the register seemingly not wanting Hiroto to have the cleanest checkout possible left him for a rather...delayed little errand.

An infinity scarf, black and white polka-dotted and of the thinnest sheer material that he'd ever seen rests in the paper bag he now toted as he makes his way back to the bench he'd left her on.

She'd probably left him by now for the subway...

Skidding around the corner and barely dodging a couple, he makes his way back to the bench to see a still-present (if a little miffed) Reina.]


I'm back...I'm sorry to make you wait.
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[The truth was that she would never leave him. She hated the look on his face whenever something he expected wasn't there. That was the face he had when neesan left the house, and despite the way he talked to them that was his face after Burn and Gazel formed Chaos and the final master rank meeting never happened. She hated it -- the way he smiled and acted like it was fine when everything about him said it wasn't.

So she waits, although she's definitely moved to the bench by the time he returns. It isn't that she was tired; the bench was in the shade, and it's where she's set down the cake box so it wouldn't melt from the heat of the sun. She sees him as soon as he rounds that corner -- her eyebrows knit closer together, her frown deepens, and her glare grows sharper.]

What were you doing?
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[He jogs over to that bench, catching his breath ever so slightly as he threads fingers through his bright red hair. Reina always had that look upon her face--the one where she appears more upset than she actually is. A bit weary from having to wait? Possibly. But he had his reasons, and he can only hope they were good enough to satisfy the few moments she had to sit there.

He meets that glare with a deep, warm gaze of his own. He could never look back at Reina with anything but. His gentle demeanor was his biggest flaw, and his voice pratically melts out of his mouth as he tries his hardest to explain.]

I forgot something.

[Not 'we'--Reina's list was complete in every sense of the word. But Hiroto's had one more item to get, and he'd had enough money to splurge on it once the rest of the list had been checked off.

It's a little unceremoniously, but he looks down at the bag in his hand and brings it up, holding it by the bottom as he thrusts it gently in her direction. That smile broadens, lighting up his whole face as if he were the sun itself, bestowing it to her.

And he wouldn't ever admit it, but those hands are lightly shaking. Whatever it is, he's certainly hoping she likes it.]

For you, Reina.
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[The bad held out to her is completely unexpected. Reina had figured it was something soccer-related. It often was, with all of them, and she knows they passed by a sports store or two on the way here (Hiroto's shoes -- his shoes, not the Inazuma Japan one -- were starting to wear down and be too small for him, she'd noted while glancing in a window) but the bag he shows her is too small for something from a sports store. Too small, too dainty, and it has the wrong logo. She knows because she recognizes that logo.

Realization dawns upon her at the same time that Hiroto's words register in her mind. Did he just say...? Her blue eyes widen as they stare into his green ones; in her surprise and confusion that glare is gone completely.]

... For me?

[Usually, she's quick to react to anything and precise in doing so. Right now, in front of him, she feels like she's forgotten how to move as she stares at the face that smiles at her from behind the bag.]
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[He can read her just as easily as she could him--and he knew the moment he held out the bag she would have that expression. Reina rarely ever expected anything. It came with being from Sun Garden, new things weren't exactly something anyone really got. Whatever was there you shared, and it had probably had a previous owner.

But here...he could do this for her. He could buy her things like this to make up for all those years he couldn't. To make up for everything.

He couldn't heal the pain of Kira. He understood it when it came to her more than anyone. Reina wasn't the only one who couldn't be what Kira wanted...

But what he could do was make her feel for one moment that she was special. That someone had gone out of their way to do something just for her. That bag lowers in his hands, bending over to get more on her eye level as he places it in her lap.]


I hope you like it...I saw you looking at it today...and I think it'd look very pretty on you.
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[Slowly, her widened eyes return to their usual size. The surprise fades as the pieces fall together and she can already tell what must be inside the bag without opening it. He was watching her just as well as she kept her eyes on him, and he must have noticed that her gaze lingered on the garment just a moment longer than she allowed it to on most things. He always did.

Of course he'd go get it.]

You idiot. [She murmurs it without any edge to her voice as she raises her hands to the bag and reaches inside it, carefully almost as if she's afraid to so much as wrinkle the bag. In a way, she might be. It's an unfamiliar experience.

But once the scarf it pulled out, she holds it in both hands as if it were something precious. The fabric is as soft and light as she imagined it might be, and feels nicer than almost anything she'd touched in years. She lets it rest in her open palms. It might fall apart or tear if she holds it too tightly; she didn't consider herself very gentle, compared to her sisters and especially after the training at Aliea.]
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[A small smile creeps across his lips as she says that to him, the lack of any real bite to those words saying everything. He knows she wanted it...and it's the least he can do for her. She'd always been there for him..helped him stay strong when he always felt like crumbling.

Was there to try and block that last shot from Raimon into the goal. She was always there. And he wanted to let her know that his heart accepted that. That a significant portion of it belonged to her.

Hard to convey in a simple gift like a scarf, but the way his hands reach over and take hers, wrapping fingers by her wrists to help secure her own grasp on the fabric...he looks right into her eyes, his soft voice almost a whisper.]

This is yours.

No one else's.
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[She remembers running behind him on the soccer field and hearing what he said to Endou Mamoru. 'I love your eyes,' he said to him, and she had challenged him after that game to demand what that goalkeeper from Raimon meant to him. It wasn't that she didn't understand him, however. Hiroto looks into her eyes, and she looks back, and she knows she understands what he had meant by those words.

She didn't like Gran's eyes, but Hiroto's eyes -- she liked looking at these eyes.

Still, right now she has a hard time doing that. Their eyes meet briefly before she drops her gaze to their hands. His words now make her chest feel tight and she lets herself hold the scarf tightly to keep her hands from shaking under his. Her scarf. That he got for her.]

I... [It's been a long time since she had anything to say 'thank you' about, and she chokes on the words.] I'll take care of it.
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[He remembers Aliea all too clearly--who couldn't. No one in Genesis or any of the other teams could every erase that from their memory. But one thing he always remembered most vividly was her presence. Reina--no, Ulvida--the one who had to be strong when he faltered. She'd asked him 'What does Endou Mamoru mean to you?' and truth be told, at the time he didn't even know. There was something captivating about him that he just couldn't describe.

However, ask that about Reina...he could tell you exactly what she meant to him. The way her eyes seemed to reach into infinity, bright pools of light blue that was as soothing as cool water. A personality that was guarded, shielding a very loving girl he'd once known underneath.

Hiroto wasn't a very outgoing child , he was shy and often left alone. But Reina always sat by him at the table. She'd protected him and played with him. Everywhere he went, she was always there. 'What does Reina Yagami mean to you?' was never asked. And it's the one question he could answer without fail.

His hands guide hers into taking that scarf, letting her know silently that it was okay to hold onto. That she could hold onto this and not have it slip through her fingers like so much of her life had. The material was soft, almost weightless. But tangible. It was here.]

I know you will.

[A pause.]

That's just who you are, Reina.
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[She holds it. She watches it sit innocently in her hands and stay in her hands. There's nobody grabbing it away from her and she basks in the security of having Hiroto's hands over hers, letting him assure her that it would be fine. He gave this to her, and she's allowed to hold on to it. ]


[She doesn't say his name very often. It felt like "Gran" became easier to say over the last five years. Hiroto felt so familiar and nostalgic, but also foreign, like she had to learn how it felt on her tongue all over again. Still, she says it very carefully, like it's something precious and it is precious to her and she never wants to forget the way it sounds.

Slowly, she ducks her head lower and brings her hands up, draping the scarf around her neck and wrapping it around a second time. It feels as soft as she expected. It's lighter than she thought it would be. She takes a breath.]

... Did you get everything you needed, now?

{The thank you doesn't come, a second time. But when she lets go of the scarf and lowers her hand, one of them lands on Hiroto's and her fingers curl around his.]
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[His heart immediately flushes with warmth when she says his name. It was always so quiet, as if someone might overhear. It was never in the same tone that she said 'Gran', either. It's one of Hiroto's favourite things, the way her voice dips into a more vulnerable, but sweeter tone that he can swear he remembers from years ago. Nostalgic was a good word for it.

And he's left breathless as his hands relieve themselves from hers, allowing her to loop that scarf around her neck, delicately helping get some stray hairs from being caught underneath it, most notably the two white streaks of hair that hid themselves under the sea of soft blue.

A 'thank you' wasn't required, in his eyes. It was enough to see her hand wrap around his, eyes softening at the touch that was as gentle as Reina's true personality that he knew lay under all that armour.]


That was everything.
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[She closes her eyes when his hands brush through her hair, as she does every time. Sometimes, she just likes to feel his move around her. When their hands meet, his fingers don't feel so cool to her. She knew people with warmer -- Fumiko, for one, and Ruru and Nemuro were warm too -- but Hiroto had his own sort of warmness too, one that she could pick up with ease. She holds on to him as she gets to her feet, free hand picking up the bag of their purchases.

When they're next to each other he's slightly taller. Just slightly, but enough that she has to move her gaze up to look into his green eyes.]

Let's walk to the next station.

[Not the one they're just around the corner from, but the next one down the line. They were in a city big enough that it wouldn't be a terrible walk, but it'll give them some more time like this. There was still time.]
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[Reina's gentleness was a rare sight to anyone who knew her, but it was one that Hiroto had learned to spot every time she looked at him. Every touch of her hands against his was soft, revealing the loving girl underneath that icy armour she put around herself. Hiroto loved that part about her. It was the most beautiful piece of herself she could show the world...

And a part of him felt fortunate that she always reserved a piece of that for him. His fingers wrap tightly around hers, interlacing together as he smiles warmly.

Now...Now they were ready.

And walking to the next station didn't seem like such a hassle.]

I'll follow you.
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[The closest station is only a block or two away. The one after isn't so far away either, but it still gave then an extra few minutes of walking together, not crammed into a train car with all the other weekend shoppers. The wind is starting to get chilly, but she feels warm with her new scarf around her neck and his hand wrapped around hers.]

Walk next to me.

[She'd never make such demands from anybody else in at Sun Garden, but that was what made Hiroto special.]
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[A request he's more than happy to oblige to. He knew Reina would never usually make such a request, the only other exception being Fumiko. She always seemed to have a place reserved just for him, hand held in his, fingers intertwined and side by side as they'd always wanted to be. And to be honest, that was the only place Hiroto wanted to be.

By her side.

Not in front, not left behind.


Of course.

[His smile's as bright as the sun itself now, head tilting ever so slightly to brush against hers. Red and blue locks tangle if only for a moment as Hiroto's eyes close, soaking in the moment that they have before they become the business of the city shoppers.]

It's getting cold out soon, isn't it? Kimiyuki and Ruru will need winter gear.

[A soft, subtle hint.

Maybe they could do this again.]
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[Hiroto is one of the few people she completely lets her guard down around, and as a result, he's able to catch her by surprise sometimes.

Not this time, though.

Hiroto may just brush their heads together, but she turns her before he can pull away. Blue hair swishes gently through the air between them, and she leans her weight on the tips of her toes. It raises her up an inch, just high enough for her to brush her lips against his cheek. She didn't think too much about it. It felt right to do.]

... We can come again. When it's less crowded.
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[And for the first time since they'd reconnected, it's Hiroto's turn to be surprised. What started out as a soft touch of their heads soon turned to gentle, warm lips pressed against his cheeks. Distinctive enough to make it obvious to what it was, and yet so surprising that his eyes can't help but shoot wide open. He's not upset--far from it, and the look he gives her is not one of fear or shock...

But genuinely happy surprise.

Hiroto often sported a pale complexion, one his fellow teammates would say blended in with the Genesis uniform itself. But there, a rush of pink floods his cheeks as his eyes cast down, flustered and practically bursting with happiness all at the same time. Colours were brighter, the cold air was a thing of the past.

And he never felt so lucky to be Kiyama Hiroto right now.]


[That's it. Reina, you just made him speechless.]
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[She watches. Watches as that flush rises to his cheeks, and watches as he drops his gaze. She watches as the breeze picks up and plays with the ends of his bright red hair, and she watches him as the warmth rises to her own cheeks, too. They probably look really silly like this, standing in the middle of the street with red faces and so many bags of shopping between them.

She pays all of that -- and anybody who may be watching them -- no mind, linking her fingers through his and grasping his hand more tightly. And there, barely visible on her face, is a small smile.]

Let's go.